The Perfect Winter Fly

Fly fishing is much more complicated than one normally thinks, and if you are olive wollybuggera fly fisherman, you know how it is truly an art. There are many parts of fly fishing that must be handled to land fish, but one of the most important is your fly selection.

The cold winter air has moved in, and most think that fishing season is over with. The truth is, the fish must continue to feed for survival so those fish are still active. The hardest part of landing the fish is choosing which fly to tie on. During the cold season, there are no insects fly and landing on the top of the water, so you must eliminate dry fly fishing. There are also no larvae nor grubs in the water, so you must eliminate nymph fishing. The most effective fishing in cold conditions is using streamers. Streamers act as replications of small bait fish throughout the stream or river, which is what the fish are feeding on this time of year.

The experiences I have had with winter fly fishing are that there is always one fly that I always rely on. I know there is a lot of preference when it comes down to choosing flies for each season, but this one may make your chances of landing a fish much higher. My recommendation would be the olive green Wollybugger. Now, these Wollybugger’s come in many different colors, but I always found that olive green was always the color of choice. If you cannot find olive green, then black is a suitable replacement.

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