Reading The Water of a River or Stream

Most people look at a river or stream and just see running water, but tpicture_537_largeo a fisherman it is a beautiful complex puzzle of where to throw your line first. When fishing and looking for that fish of a life time, the water conditions and geology means more than you could imagine. The knowledge of the water type is very important when it comes to how to fish the water or choosing which fly to use.

There are three typical variations of water. These variations consist of teacolored, crystal clear and milky-white colored water. The difference between the three are very important in the eyes of the trout because they all works are different levels of fertility. Tea colored water indicates that it is not very fertile. That meaning there are not many minerals given off by the geology which usually consists of granite rocks, in the water aiding the organisms in growth to the large sizes that they have the potential to grow to, especially the trout. These waters do have other factors to indicate that the water may in fact be more fertile than just the water color. One of the major signs in these tea colored waters are to see if there is algae growing on the rocks covered by water. If so that means the water is more fertile, but still not the best conditions.

The most ideal waters are the ones that are truly unique and beautiful in many peoples eyes, and those are the crystal clear and limestone streams and rivers. These waters are mostly consisted of either limestone or marble geology, which both give off an abundance of minerals. The limestone streams and rivers are milky-white in color and act as the most fertile environment for all trout species.

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