Find Your Hole to Find Your Trophy Fish

The start of the 2014 year alstreamways brings excitement with the new-year, as well as trout season being around the corner! This past year there were hundreds of lakes and streams throughout Pennsylvania that were stocked with Rainbow, Brook and Brown trout as the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission usually do. The past year there were 733 streams and 124 lakes stocked with the various species of trout. They stocked a total of 8,575 trophy fish within these waters.

The PFBC spreads all the fish to make for more of a fun fishing experience. For example, when I am out fishing one of my favorite things to do is find new fishing spots. Searching for the deep hole with slow moving water where many people may not venture to may be holding that monster trophy fish everyone is looking for. This is one of the major parts of fishing that is time consuming and may even be frustrating. The amount of trophy fish stocked each year gives you plenty of opportunity to land the fish of a lifetime, but the hole you’re fishing must be perfect for that fish to thrive. Remember; put yourself in the position to land that monster fish by finding a good stream, then a good hole.

For more information, click here.


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